9 Times the Beauty of Baluchistan Got Me Utterly Spellbound

9 Times the Beauty of Baluchistan Got Me Utterly Spellbound

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations…

And when your destination includes gregarious cities of Baluchistan like Ormara and Gwadar, it gets better with every step.

Some people imagine Baluchistan to be an arid, desert-like area decorated with a few mountain ranges here and there. It is anything but this.

I’d been fond of the traveler’s life for quite some time. But as is the case with at least 90% individuals, I never worked up the courage to leave my comfort cocoon.The 28thof October 2016 changed everything for me.

What I saw and felt there has been an exceptional experienceand I could write a novel just to explain every bit of the journey. But to keep it short and pretty, I’ll just talk about those truly out of this world moments that have been imprinted in my mind forever.

The Sky at Kund Malir Beach

Strewn with a thousand stars glittering brightly across the black of the night, the sky at Kund Malir Beach is a sight to behold, especially before dawn. You could lie down on the sandy beach and continue to stare at that beauty till the morning shine takes over. The gentle crashing sound of the waves, the occasional breeze, the cool sand, and the canopy of stars above – it’s your first wake-up call during the trip.

The View of Princess of Hope

Admittedly, the hike is a little challenging, particularly if you’re living a sedentary lifestyle. But once you get to the top, it’s a whole new world out there!There are picture-perfect mountains everywhere you see. The princess, in her morning glory, stands tall in the middle. And it’s unbelievably quiet up there. You can hear your heartbeats or the occasional whisper of a random breeze. That’s where I left all my worries, at the feet of the glorious princess!

The Purity of Ormara Beach

Who could’ve imagined a beach as pure as the one at Ormara exists in Pakistan?You’ll find clear waters and beautiful sand there. Even the air smells of purity (if that’s possible). You just can’t move ahead without taking a plunge. So remember to carry a spare suit just to get wet.

The breath-taking view from Gwadar Hotel

The Gwadar Hotel sits right in front of the West Bay, PaddiZirr. So if you can’t find 15 minutes to take that 30-second stroll to the water, you would miss out a lot. It’s a beautiful place, with the hammerhead mountain on one side and the endless stretch of sea at the other. You can always find a raft from the local fishers and have a good time using it as a diving board in the middle of the water. It’s a different kind of fun!

The 735-step climb to the top of Koh-e-Batil

It doesn’t look like much from the bottom. But it kills every possible cell in your legs as you climb. It’s too easy in the start, impossible in the middle, and extremely liberating at the top.It takes a while to understand that it is over 449 feet above sea level, almost like climbing the Ocean Tower (394 feet) in Karachi or the Telecom Tower (371 feet) in Islamabad – except that you’re doing it on foot. But the view of the sunrise from the top is totally worth the pain you’ll feel all the way home.

The Nativity of Balochi Music

As soon as the local musicians start playing it, you’ll find yourself hooked to the Suroz. Its deep sound resonateswith the heart so it is impossible to ignore. The Balochi folk music is a unique genre. And even though you won’t necessarily understand the lyrics, these traditional songs can hold your attention till the last beat.

The Fish Biryani at Gwadar Hotel

How can we not talk about food when we’re talking about traveling to Baluchistan?By far the best one was the fish biryani at Gwadar Hotel. I guess it’s one of those things that can’t be explained - you have to be there to understand exactly what was so special about it. So just make a mental note: Gwadar, Hotel, and Fish Biryani!

The Winding Paths at Buzzi Pass

You can easily believe the “Fast and Furious”car-chase scenes were shot at the Buzzi Pass in Baluchistan. It’s a long winding road down the mountain and the views are absolutely awe-inspiring! You can look down and believe the depth will suck you in. Or look up to see how the clouds work their magic on the mountain peaks. In any case, this is one place that’ll never disappoint you with its fair share of natural beauty.

The Bubbling of Chandragup Mud Volcano in Hingol

Yes, there are quite a few mud volcanoesin Baluchistan enroute Gwadar that are 100% natural.The Chandragup in Hingol National Park is one of them. And it bubbles! What’s even more surprising is the fact that the mud is cold.Don’t forget to snap some pictures to keep the memory from fading.


Beyond National Geographic documentaries and Google search results, there’s a world waiting to be explored. And no matter how many pictures or 360° captures you see, they’d make no sense to you until you take that trip.

What better way to start than with those who make it 0km for you?!

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