Oramara Beach


Nature explorers are not easy to satisfy. They look for the extraordinary in everydestination, be it a desert, a jungle, the mountain range or the beach. Fortunately, Pakistan has a rich natural heritage that never ceases to amaze you.

The only problem true travel enthusiasts face is accessibility. Sometimes the journey is too costly, sometimes the infrastructure is missing. And when it comes to Baluchistan, most people think the law and order situation is perpetually unstable.

Despite all this, I found a place that is neither expensive nor ordinary. Thanks to 0km Tour Planners for taking me on a trip to Ormara, which is 278kms from Gwadar and 348kms from Karachi.


The beach is immaculate and has not received the limelight it deserves. Surrounded by mountains, the crystal clear water here transitions from light to the darkest blue,eventually meeting the sky at the horizon. It is what any nature explorer would dream of!

In Pakistan, not many cities have beaches. Karachi is one of the luckiest but unfortunately, most of the beaches here haven’t been maintained in ages. They’re dirty, smelly and definitely not worth diving in. The ones that are any good have been occupied by our forces. So if you’re hoping to dive into cool waters to experience every moment of your life, you should definitely head over to Ormara.