In The Arms Of Margala Hills

It was a bloomy Friday of December when I and my childhood friend came out of home with a backpack and a determination of hiking on Margala Hills. Excitement was on its peak because I was going to fulfill one of my huge lists of dreams, the hike!

 We took a taxi towards metro station and stepped up the bus from Chaman station and stepped down at Secretariat station. Then again we took a taxi towards our destination, Margala hill trails. We took trail 3 and started our hike. The moment was the blend of freedom and dream which was cherishing my soul. I was feeling like a conqueror that gets damn sure about his triumph. There was a mesmerizing fragrance in the air which was making me more strong and happy. With all these companions of nature we started our journey and found that in the beginning the trail was smooth pathway with tiny stones lying under our feet, as soon as we moved forward the hurdles were smiling on us and the trail was getting much difficult to walk, we were crossing by the huge rocks, somewhere they were very slippery that if we would not put affirmed feet on and we had fallen behind and all our efforts would sink down the sea.

Left and right sides of the trail was full of dense forest from where the chirping sound of birds was sometimes so fascinating and sometimes made us so scared in the deep silence of the hill. We saw beautiful mountainous views in our way and praised the beauty of nature. We walked almost 3kms but suddenly my friend got nauseous and dizzy. Her blood pressure was continuously lowering down so we decided to go back in the middle of the hike without accomplishing our target we had to turn back and our journey stopped. But Insha’Allah this journey will be continued in next December and we will for sure reach our target. 

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