Neelam Valley, Azad Jammu Kashmir.

Neelam Valley is the ideal combination of retreat and adventure,making it a splendid vacation spot.

In the beautiful uphill drive that ensues from Muzaffarabad, you are accompanied with the magnificent river Neelum. Rolling your windows down, a myriad of sounds flood your ears; the river splashing at its rocky shores, exotic birds chattering, and if you’re lucky, school children chatting away as they stroll home. Every few miles is a tea stall serving specialty chai next to a chilly waterfall. A lot of these allow you to soak your feet in the running river as you sip your simmering sweet beverage. Neelam allows you to go as far uphill as you wish, going up to a nine-hour drive from Muzaffarabad.

The temperature declines sharply as you go further uphill, and as the sun sets. The night sky is not one to miss; stargazing is one of the pleasures of being surrounded by mountains. Away from skyscrapers and sharp beams of night lights, stargazing is one of Neelam’s pleasures. One of the perks of being here is, it could be as luxurious and as thrill-seeking as you like.

With increasing private establishments and a booming motel industry, it is fairly easy to find a comfortable hotel facing the water. It is also very much plausible to set up a campsite next to the river and cozy up with a bonfire. The mountain classic, cable cars and chairlifts are a common sight and allow you to embrace the mountains as you soar above the river. Locals are warm and friendly, eager to interact with visitors if they please. Historical sites such as Hindu temples and the remains of the 9th Century Sharda University still stand, and add fascinating depths to the beauty of the valley. Neelummeets and exceeds an array of expectations, offering visitors everything they please, natural beauty, retreat, luxury, adventure and a rich history.   



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