Engineer and Traveller


Hello! I am here to write about my journey story. That enjoyment word gets attached to this boring word “engineer” is just because of my habit or my passion of travelling. Yes, in these four years I travelled a lot and save my memorable moments in my camera.

So I have visited so many first trip was to bunk my lecture took my friends with me and go to that dhaba just behind barber shop. Well this is very ordinary trip but that was very first time i am independently smelling the rain under that tin roof.

My second trip was a night stays at murree, of course THE Murree, the legend murree. But it was hell fun when you walk on roads of murree alone at time of 1 pm in night. Sometime I thought what if I couldn’t have the company of these 3 people which are very important at that time to made my trip a life time memory.yes,if I would’nt have her I would never have that much courage to go and feel that independent flawless feeling by looking at lighten mountains with cool breeze.

My third trip was about bestest trip ever. The main thing about ayubia was the stars. They were feeling so close to me when I was standing there in the garden of ptdc,waiting for my dinner. That chairlift view through my window early in the evening was Fanta bless honestly I can spent my whole life by seeing that view. You can dream big and think big if you are gone visit that place.

My fourth trip was about nathia gali it was the longest trip ever.i have never forgot that night when I sat there at balcony of hotel at 12 pm in night enjoying bonfire. After that trip, one of our partner gone leave us. All I was enjoying was the air in surroundings.


I visited Karachi for the very first time in my life in that phase of my life when I really need some change. I spent one month in Karachi. Literally Karachi has given me a very big change. See, when your feet touched the wet sand you can let all worries to go away from you with that big wave of sea and you are starting to smile again like this J.paplet fish was hell delicious of kababcheez .By God,I will come to Karachi again just to eat that fish at do darya.

Most enjoyable moment was the entrance in mandir at port grand. Well,they did’nt let us to enter their mandir but somehow we entered and saw their precious bhagwan honestly, wasn’t feeling good after seeing that black mud made dulhan But somehow it was my memory.

I had a great time there.

I just wanted to say that, don’t sit at home just to spend your days. Take yourself out of the box; try to live with people around you.

Try to make every place beautiful with your smile and that smile will only come if you would have a great weekend with the best people at the best places. I thought what would I do at those places if would’nt have friends to share my cone under that raining roof, what if they were not there to let me see those stars in night and to listen my things what if he was not there to hold my hand and take me to the waves of open sea, what if he was not there to let me do enjoy that beautiful evening in Lahore. Trips make your life beautiful but more important is the company, even a dead place give us a memory when we are with our loved ones; personally it will help you to get rid out of your problems. World is beautiful with your loved ones, book your tickets pack your bags and run with them don’t waste time just chill the life ;).



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