Best Turkey Sim card for Tourist and how to buy it?

This guide will teach you how to purchase a prepaid sim card in Turkey and which is the best Turkey sim card for tourists. 

Traveling without Internet is difficult because you'll need your GPS to track your location in order to use apps.Furthermore, reading guides from blogs will prepare you in advance. It's also helpful to have your   own SIM to communicate with locals and meet other travellers. 



The first thing we should say about prepaid Turkey sim cards is that the internet and data connections are incredible, and most places offer 4G. I don't recall ever being disconnected when travelling in Turkey,   even in isolated areas and there aren't many tourist sim card options in Turkey.

We recommend purchasing your sim card in a phone shop in Turkey rather than at the airport because it is less expensive. If you need to get online quickly, leaving the airport with your Turkey sim card will be essential for ordering Uber or checking maps to your next destination.

In Turkey, there are three phone companies: Turkcell, Vodafone, and Turk Telekom. The data sim card packages in Turkey are inexpensive (because to the recent depreciation of the Turkish Lira), but they cannot be used outside of Turkey in Europe.


You may get a Turkey sim card in official shops and kiosks in addition to the airport. You may look at a few pricing and packages to see if they have any special offers for travellers, which would be a fantastic alternative. Don't forget your passport, and if you buy your phone at a store, they'll activate it for you.


In Turkey, there are three phone companies: Turkcell, Vodafone, and Turk Telekom. In terms of coverage, practically all of them will offer data and phone service throughout the country.

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