Unveiling Balochistan

Traversing through the gently rising  terrain to Gwadar, the virgin locales, rocky mountains, finest beaches and calm sunsets–  I wondered what’s not to love in Baluchistan.

As I headed to this beautiful, eye-opening journey one fine Friday evening, I realized how little do we know about the gorgeous scenery and breathtaking views that exist in this beautiful province.But let me tell you,the road trip to Gwadar is not about reaching the destination itself, it’s about the journey you take to the destination.


Leave Hub- Pass Somani ridges- Cross Zero point- Enter Makran Coastal Highway- Ormara -Pasni- Gwadar. Through this route, you’ll reach your destination after 9-10 hours of hitting the road. So, it is imperative to plan your halts carefully. Or just leave it on the tour operators you are going with.

As decided, we left Karachi and made our way to the magnificent Makran coastal highway through Hub, which is an industrial center of the country within perimeters of Baluchistan. We reached Kund Malir when it was still very dark, the gleaming stars strewn nicely over the beautiful night sky. Morning breeze brushed on our faces as we sauntered on the shore. The waves rippled gently on fresh clean sand. I instantly understood, why Kund malir is becoming the rising weekend getaway spot for many karachiites. About twenty minutes later, sun began to rose, spreading its hues over the dark neon blue ocean.Some of us attend to the morning prayer, others sat down to enjoy the sunrise.

After breakfast, we boarded our bus and began our journey, to enter the beautiful Makran range. We witnessed the geographical diversity of the province. Craggy mountains stood still. Wind and air erosion there have chiseled mountains into peculiar yet interesting rock formations. One such example was Princess of Hope, which became the second stop of our journey.

Fording across golden, taak and ormara beaches we were nearing gwadar city which was only few kms away. All this while it felt like as if, I was meandering in an art gallery, with grotesque mountains present on my either side. Each having a different texture and form than other. The gradient of the road keeps changing after every km.You will not find vegetation for the longest time from here, but the desert landscape will keep you captivated.


Gwadar is located on the shores of Arabian sea approximately 700 Km from Karachi. It is located to the east of Persian Gulf. It is unique in a sense that it has two large bays. The East Bay is where the Deep Sea Port is located. The city is exposed to the sea from three different directions. Gwadar also has two hills, the Koh-e-Mehdi and the Koh-e-Batil. The city is in its development phase owing to the CPEC project going on and will give you relatively raw feels if you visit this time around.


Naval guard Check post and watchtowers ensure good security check through the entire length of highway. So, the security conditions are stable contrary to the popular beliefs previously attached with the place.


Besides PC and Marjan hotel, there are many other motels and sea facing lodges in Gwadar,which are easy on pocket and serve you good food promising an even better view. You can find links to some of them down below:





  1. Advanced camera devices like Go-pro to capture the essence of those abounding breathtaking views.
  2. Power bank charger to keep your gadgets alive and kicking
  3. An extra spare tyre and a can of fuel for emergencies.
  4. A torchlight, Headphones
  5. Gaiters and warm clothing (it can get pretty chilly at night)
  6. First-aid kit with basic over-the-counter medicines.
  7. Sun protection: UV sunglasses and skincare products like moisturizers, sunscreen lotion and lip balm.
  8. Energy bars and compact snacks like chocolates and nuts. Alot of those ^p
  9. Slippers.


  1. Mini port visit.
  2. Gul point beach
  3. Deewan-e-Jah for sunset.
  4. Morning Trek to Koh-e-Batil, Hammerhead.
  5. Market visit.
  6. Visit to the fishery and boat making industry.
  7. Visit to mud volcano
  8. MORNING TREK TO KOH-E-BATIL( highlight of the trip)
  9. Koh-e-batil is made of rock and sand with a set of almost 700 stairs built, taking you to the top of the hill. Although climbing those stairs is not an easy task, but the hilltop offers you an astounding view of the peninsula, with Arabian sea flowing on its either side. It is peaceful and quite up there and is a visual treat for all nature lovers! Best time to visit koh-e-batil is before sunrise, when the clouds float like cotton candies shrouding the landscape behind. It soon start becoming apparent as the sun ascends, ambitiously illuminating each crevice of the city down below.


We think, plan and organize while taking care of all your travel concerns so you can experience the majesty of Pakistan’s most extraordinary landscapes.Our goal is to brand ourselves as providers of the ultimate travel planning experience while becoming a one-stop shop for every travel service available in the industry.

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