Travelling – A fragmented soul redeems itself!

One of the most sought means to being at peace may be travelling.

People from all walks of life resort to varied ways to feel happy. Some may go for shopping, dine out, save up forever or simply stay at home and prefer a good slumber. Amongst those who do travel either love to explore international boundaries or stretch the national horizon depending upon a lot of factors.

Medical practitioners also second travelling as a pacifier in today’s stressful routine life.

For me travelling was redemption. It all started with me suffering from cervical pain- perks of teaching! My doctor was the one who broke the news of stress making me depressed and advised that I should take upon one of the three suggestions given by him; keeping plants, keeping a pet or a walk in the open. I chose to travel, kidding. I didn’t choose travelling, I opted for workout and walk. Taking up unplanned outing and planning for trips was something I looked up to from time to time, this I found was part and parcel of my soul since childhood. Thanks to my father. I owe this to him as to date I can relive the joy from those long drives at night, the road trips from Karachi to Punjab and up north. Its enchanting to realize how still a human can relive childhood memories with the same sense of love and bliss.

It is true indeed that a moment of joy lasts a lifetime. Nostalgia paves in even today when I would have breakfast at a local dhaaba somewhere in the outskirts of local cities, or when I would use the loo at gas stations or at local chaabri hotels, the smell of firewood creeps in the subconscious and brings up the cherished childhood. Moving along on the road one finds the moon and the stars to be full of awe and amazingly they too seem to be apart from the regular.

Travelling is one of the cheapest way to feel good about one’s self. It dawns upon an individual that the happening in his/her life is way too small to halt. Nature’s preserve for mankind is a natural mood elevator. It is just for the human eye to acknowledge the Lord’s plethora of creations: the sand, seas, mountains, plains, clouds, the breeze, rain, snow, waves and much much more. Plants along with all their jaw dropping colours, animals and pastures they graze in, these bring a smile over faces, even the very straight ones.

Local faces full of innocence and humility re-instills that happiness does not lie in the materialistic but it lies within us. Happiness is a choice. One should go for what drives them for the human life is fragile and we all but have to collapse one day if not today. So travel to live the life given to us and be at peace.

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