Paragliding in Istanbul

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Paragliding in Istanbul

Istanbul is a difficult and very crowded city to live in.Although it may seem almost impossible to get rid of the crowd, there is now a way to distance you from people. You are far from people in the sky!

Yes, thanks to paragliding, we can take you away from people for a while if you wish, and actually bring you together with the natural beauty of Istanbul. We aim to bring you a peaceful time while watching its stunning beauty from above. While there is no extra effort you need to make, all you have to do is enjoy this beautiful moment.


After meeting with you on these hills that will allow you to glide through the air, we are able to start our flight after taking the necessary security measures and completing the preparation. You can fly without any extra knowledge, thanks to our pilots who have been performing paragliding flights for about twenty-five years. You can relive this unforgettable moment at any time by recording video and photos during the flight.

We make an appointment with you to fly on that day by choosing the place you want or the area close to you. If tou need to talk about the areas where we fly, the most known paragliding area on the European side is Çatalca/ Ormanli village. Here, you can buy fruits and vegetables grown naturally in the tiny village, and you can also integrate with nature by having a picnic outside of the flight. We also fly on paragliding hills in Karaburun and Silivri. On the Anatolian side, you can paraglide on the shore of Sile, the beautiful pearl of the Black Sea, and get caught up in the blue of the sky and the sea at the same time. Depending on the weather, you can experience those peaceful moments that you miss while feeling the gentle breeze of the wind on your face for about twenty-five thirty minutes.


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Paragliding in Istanbul

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